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Mon Mar 12 22:52:31 GMT 2001

Look into the [globals] parameter "security".  It has different modes (share, user, server, domain).  I use "server" and force the samba server to validate users on the incoming client "password server = %M".  It still requires valid users on the unix box but I don't have to maintain another smbpasswd file for every user wanting access.  I haven't used the domain feature, but it may be what you need.   You could also use the "server" mode and set "Password server = <your PDC/BDC>".

Just out of curiosity, say you have an NT Domain system and you are running on a client that also authenticates via some domain controller.  Now, you have a samba server that is set to "security=server" and the "password server" parameter is set to "%m" or "%M" to cause it to validate the user back on the same Windows workstation as the incoming request came from.  Does the windows box then act as a proxy to validate the user through the domain (on behalf of the samba server), or does it do some sort of referral type of thing?  If it does the referral thing, does the samba server know how to handle it?

Very interesting thought.  Too bad I don't have domains or I would just try it.


>>> Nathaniel Durbin <NDurbin at> 03/12/01 03:17PM >>>


Bit of a newbie to samba. I have the server running fine, but I am wondering
if there is any way to have samba "trust" my windows domain? (i.e. passwd
authentication would be handled by the PDC rather than the samba server).

Any feedback appreciated.


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