Samba and Windows compatibility question

Mon Mar 12 17:52:29 GMT 2001


Ummm... what "question of compatibility" are you referring to ?  Please be a little more specific.  I'm looking at 3,500 odd Win NT4.0 and 20 Win 2K client connections happily running off one of my Samba boxen - admittedly they are not using a domain controller of any sort to connect but I gather that Samba's domain handling is fine.

Jon Gerdes

>>> "Fitzgerald, Sheila A. (KTR)~U" <FITZGERS at> 03/12/01 04:02pm >>>
There is a question regarding compatibility of Samba with Windows NT 4.0 and
Windows 2000 that is keeping us from implementing Samba here.  Would you
please clarify this issue so that we can move forward on this?

Thanks much in advance,

Sheila Fitzgerald

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