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David Jordan david at
Mon Mar 12 14:38:19 GMT 2001

I have a situation where I have an intranet of Win98 machines connected to a Linux server within a training environment. The linux server is there to simulate the internet, allowing emails & some web content to be viewed without any real internet connection. I have Samba 2.0.5 (Definite Linux 7 - RedHat 6.2 derivative) set up on the linux server and am trying to share a couple of Epson 660 colour printers.
No problem setting up and sharing the printers for all to see & use, but now I have to try and figure out a way of restricting their usage - too many students are printing too much garbage & wasting too much etc etc etc :-)
I have tried setting up samba to be the PDC & force the clients to log into the domain, which gets round security issues - but then I either have people allowed to access the printer(s) or not ... what I desire is to allow people to print to the printer queue, then selectively remove the garbage from the queue before allowing a job or two through - like big brother watching who is printing what :-)
Any help would be appreciated before I go off and start writing a cgi program to manage the queue remotely ... please remember that tutors do not always know how to use computers - they just teach others how to - lol
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