Samba Configuration Problem

dkastens dkastens at
Mon Mar 12 13:42:58 GMT 2001


you do not have a problem. It works as designed.
Windows uses CR-LF (carriage return - line feed)
characters at the end of each line, while Unix only
uses a line feed character. The carriage returns
are shown as ctrl-m characters.
There are some utilities around that convert
ascii files from unix to dos and vice versa.

> In this environment I have this problem:
> I create a text file in this Folder using "Notepad" from my 
> NT Client. So, when I edit the file on Unix host "sunhost" 
> using "vi" editor, I see the character "^M" at the end of 
> each row. I think that the reason is that Samba traslates the 
> ASCII file on NT Client in a Bynary file on Unix Client.
> How is it possible to configure my Samba environment in way 
> to have an ASCII file on both NT Client and Unix host?


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