Large disk drives

dave.c.smith at dave.c.smith at
Mon Mar 12 12:23:48 GMT 2001


Not sure if this Windows or Samba, or both. Either way, a comment rather
than a complaint.

I recently put a 46G drive in my Linux server (Suse 6.4, Samba 2.0.7),
partitioned as 6G/40G. 
Some of the Samba shares pointed to directories on the 40G partition.

When trying to access these from Windows ME, the top level directory plus
one level down were visible, but nothing below that.

Windows was reporting strange disk sizes which led me to believe that there
might be a problem to do with partitions bigger than 34G. I repartitioned
the disk such that the bggest partition was 30G and all became well.

I searched around the web to see if this was a known issue, but could not
find any reference to it.

Just wondered if you were aware of this and what the cause of the problem



P.S. been using Linux/Samba with 3 windows boxes for around 18months with no
problems: excellent piece of software!

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