Samba Configuration Problem

semana semana at
Mon Mar 12 12:24:55 GMT 2001

I have a little problem:

I have a network where are some NT clients configured in a Nt Domain named "NTDomain". The NT server name is "NTServer". On this network I have a SUN-Solaris7 host (named "sunhost") where I installed Samba.
On "sunhost" I configured smb.conf file in this way:

workgroup = NTDomain
server string = "SolarisHOST"
password server = NTServer
dns proxy = yes
preserve  cache = yes
    browsable = yes
    writable = yes

I have the same account on "NTServer" and "sunhost" machines.
When I login on my NT Client I see the host "sunhost" in "Network Neighborhood" Folder using "Exploring". In this Folder I see a Sub-Folder named as my NT Username.

In this environment I have this problem:
I create a text file in this Folder using "Notepad" from my NT Client. So, when I edit the file on Unix host "sunhost" using "vi" editor, I see the character "^M" at the end of each row. I think that the reason is that Samba traslates the ASCII file on NT Client in a Bynary file on Unix Client.

How is it possible to configure my Samba environment in way to have an ASCII file on both NT Client and Unix host?

Thanks for your help,

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