Samba and W95/98/NT clients - dropping connections

Anthony Ewell aewell at
Sun Mar 11 20:16:39 GMT 2001

Hi Than,

  Now "cd" to /var/log and check both your "messages" and
samba-log.%m files for error messages.  The %m is the workstaion
name and will typically show why a connection is dropped.

  Good luck,

Than wrote:

>> So I have loaded 130MB of RAM and I'm working in text mode only as server
>> for small group with 18 members.
>> I suspect something in the net that it's fighting with my server - NT
>> stations because I tried him in the net with W98 stations and it works
>> correctly for an hour ( I didn't have more time)
>> Please excuse my English  i'm not very good!
>> Thanks for your help!
>>> Hi Than,
>>>     How much memory (RAM) do you have installed (very
>>> you bios memory count with /proc/meminfo to make sure it
>>> is all loading).
>>>     What GUI (GNOME, KDE, XFce) are you using?
>>>      What screen saver are you using?
>>> --Tony

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