Using smbpasswd in scripts!

Bartlomiej Solarz-Niesluchowski B.Solarz-Niesluchowski at
Sat Mar 10 06:49:16 GMT 2001

At 07:11 2001-03-10, David Rankin wrote:
>First was distribution of Linux are your using and what version of samba 
>are you
>using. Ahh -- it kinda makes a difference. The different distributions 
>different prompts in response to a change password request that you will 
>have to
>take into account in your password chat script. So, give everyone a little 
>information and you may get a more substantive response in return.

2.0.7 RH 7.0 (standard) - I on transition to encrypted password (count of 
users > 5000)

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