Two annoying problems

Bob Sully rcs at
Sat Mar 10 05:11:16 GMT 2001

Hey all -

Two problems, one mine, one a friend's:

(1) I have a small three-machine network at my office.  The
server is running Mandrake 7.2 with either the 2.2.17-21mdk stock
kernel or a custom-compiled 2.4.1 kernel.  It's running Samba
2.0.7-18mdk, configured correctly (as everything works when it's
booted to the 2.2.17 kernel).  I've moved to the 2.4.1 kernel
because the USB stuff works *much* better.  Under this kernel
however, Samba (smbd) doesn't start up...smbclient -L gives a
message about connection refused on port 139.  Support for Samba
is compiled statically into the kernel.  I did not require NLS.
It doesn't matter whether I have the firewall script running
or not, and as I said, it runs OK under 2.2.17.  Any idea what
I'm doing wrong?

(2) A friend of mine is a sysadmin at a company which has Linux
and NT machines on a network.  The Linux boxen are all running
Samba-2.0.7.something.  Their *entire* network was hanging out in
the breeze, and my friend is now trying to set up firewalling on
the two LANs there (they've been cracked a couple of times).  All
of the Samba functions work fine without the firewall script
running.  The firewall allows tcp/udp input and output on
ports 137-139.  However, with the firewall up, the machines can
see each other in the browse lists but nothing else - they can't
connect at all.  He's tearing his hair out.  Any ideas?  They're
running RH 7.0 on all the linboxen.

Thanks very much -- Bob

Bob Sully - Simi Valley, California, USA

"The weather is here - wish you were beautiful." - J. Buffett

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