Help ! Linux client wih NT server

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Provided the kernel (or a module) provide the needed support, you can mount
smb shares as filesystems:

mount -t smbfs -o username={user},password={pw} //ntserver/share /mountpoint

where mountpoint is an existing directory on the Linux box.

Note, also, that you can leave out the ",password={pw}" element, so that the
user is prompted.
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  Hello !

  At first I'm french and sorry for my language
  I have a NT server and many linux hosts. How can I have access to a share
file on the NT server from a linux host. I've already tested the smbclient
command which give an ftp environment but it is not convienient for common
users. Is there another more userfriendly solution.

  Thanks a lot
  other e-mail : hsth at
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