BackupExec 8.5/NT + Samba 2.2

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As I recall, BackupExec requires the (more expensive) multiserver edition in
order to back up more than one NT server (as opposed to workstation), and it
uses an agent service on the other servers. It sounds like you have that
version, but there is no NT agent service for Samba.

While I have never tried this, you might consider changing the protocol
level in Samba's configuration on the machines to be backed up, so that they
appear to be workstations rather than NT Servers.

Also note that BackupExec has downloadable (and I think on the installation
CD) a tarball of an agent for Unix that should be compilable on Linux, so
you could do an agent backup rather than a backup of SMB shares.

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Thanks for your reply.
My problem is the following:
I have a win2k box running bexec to backup other hosts.
- the win2k box can see anyone in the domain (Samba 2.2/2.0.7 + NT)
- BExec on this win2k box can see NT/win2k boxes but NOT Samba (both Solaris
and Linux and both 2.0.7 and 2.2)
The error message in Samba is: "Couldn't find service $" .

Any idea?

> > Does anyone have experience with BackupExec and Samba?
> I currently have BackupExec v7.0 running on WinNT sp6a box backing up
> itself & 2 linux boxes, both runing Samba 2.0.7, each night.
> I do a full backup each time, no incremental ones.
> You need to give access to the BackupExec user on the linux
> boxes, other
> than that maybe a bit more information on your problems may help.
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