Configure client with no Win server.

Kathleen P. Le (CAA) kle at
Fri Mar 9 14:42:51 GMT 2001


I also think so that I need 2 smb.conf files.  And below are my 
smb.conf file settings which still result in "You must log on
before performing this operation" which is when I tried to map
a directory from the SAMBA server (Linux) to the Windows client.

   netbios name = nb85
   server string = Samba Server nb85
   hosts allow =137.127.
;  guest account = pcguest
   security = user
   password level = 8
   username level = 8
# encrypt passwords = yes
# smb passwd file = /etc/samba/smbpasswd
   domain logons = yes
 1  name resolve order = lmhosts wins bcast
   comment = Home Directories
   path = %H
   writable = yes
   valid users = %S
   create mode = 0600
   directory mode = 0700
   locking = no
   browseable = yes
   writable = yes

Other settings that I don't list are commented out.
I appreciate any help,


Kathleen Le
> Kathleen,
> You'll probably get a ton of answers, but check the smb.conf on
> the laptop - if it's not set to security=user I don't think the
> lap top will authenticate because SAMBA keeps waiting for the
> domain server to tell it who you are. Security=user will also
> require an 'account' on the samba laptop for the other laptop
> user (unless you set guest=ok) on all the shares.
> You might be able to have two smb.conf files (like smb.conf and
> smb.conf.ontheroad) that you can switch between when you
> travel?
> If you post more details to the list regarding how your
> smb.conf file is configured, you'll probably get some more
> concise answers.
> Rich Parker
> Director of Engineering
> Vermont Public Radio
>>  Hello,

>>  Could someone please tell me how to configure for this case.
>>  After going through all types of documentation, I think my case is 
>>  either too simple or impossible that's why it's nowhere mentioned.
>>  I would appreciate very much if someone could point me to the right
>>  direction.

>>  I have two laptops one running Linux and is a Samba server.  One is 
>>  running Windows 98 and is configured successfully to use shared direc-
>>  tories of the Samba server.  That is when both laptops are connected 
>>  to the LAN and I logged on the Windows machine thru a NT domain controller
>>  (or server, whatever, I don't know much about Windows world).  Now,
>>  I sometimes go on travel and needs to have the same file access
>>  capability between the two laptops thru Samba.  The laptops will be
>>  linked by ethernet cards thru a mini-hub.  But when I try to map the
>>  drives on the Windows laptop, I got the message which says I must firt
>>  logon.  My questions are:
>>  - Can I avoid loggin on?
>>  - How do I get the Samba server to be also a logon server, since it
>>  also store the passwords.
>>  - What is the right way to do it if my above questions are not valid?

>> Thank you ahead VM,

>> Kathy Le
>> Computer Scientist
>> Center for Army Analysis
>> Ft. Belvoir, VA

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