Win200 Server and Samba

Mathias Hemmeter hemmeter at
Fri Mar 9 13:55:37 GMT 2001

Hello everybody!
I've got a network with a working Windows2000 Server (acting as a file
server and being responsible for user authentification) and some Win2000
Professional Clients.
I want to do the following:
I want to integrate other Workstations to the existing Domain and I want to
integrate a Linux computer. Therefor I want to use Samba to share disk space
with the Win Clients. But there is one thing I don't want to do and that is
to create all the Windows Users on the Linux Computer. A friend told me that
it is possible to use the Win2000 Active Directory Users with the Help of a
WINS Server on the Win2000 Server. But yet I did not manage to get it
So is it possible to use the Active Directory Users as the Samba users so
that I don't have to create every user as well on the Linux Computer?

Thank you very much

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