win95 machine unable to show linux machine in network neighborhood

Silky Mittal silky212001 at
Fri Mar 9 08:01:50 GMT 2001

dear Sir,
   i am running red hat 6.2 on one machine and windows
95 on another but i am unable to see the linux machine
in my windows pcs network check my
samba server i tried the tests given in
DIAGNOSIS.txt.I am able to run tests 1 to 4 without
error but in test 5 which says :::
 "test 5 :
  run the command "nmblookup -B ACLIENT '*'"
  You Should Get The PCs IP Address Back.If you don't
then the client software on the PC is not installed
correctly,or is not started ,or you got the name of
the pc wrong.
 if ACLIENT doesnot resolve via dns then use the ip
address of the client in the above test."
 sir i tried the test giving my pcs name then the
reply was 
"querying * on *<00>"
and when iused the ip address of the machine i got
"querying * on ip addr here
 name_query failed to find name"
what can be the problem?please reply as soon as
help will be greatly appreciated
Thank you

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