Error: Looping in FIND_NEXT !

Urban Widmark urban at
Thu Mar 8 19:32:16 GMT 2001

On Thu, 8 Mar 2001, victor3.lopes at wrote:

> I have a little problem with samba.
> I use samba 2.0.3 on a linux 2.0.38 system. I want do a netbios

First thing to do would be to try a more recent smbclient, like one from

> connexion between my linux system with the smbclient command 
> and a share on a windows 3.11 system.

Hmm. I know someone has reported that he could not get any smbclient 2.0.x
to connect to some old server. Only 1.9.<latest> would work. Perhaps you
should try that?

> What the problem, which parameter to set in configuration of smb.conf
> to do resolve the problem.

It's almost certainly a bug (server or client) and not a configuration

> The mget command do the same thing, but when i use the command
> get [file.txt] the command do normaly. Why ?

'mget *' needs to read the list of files to know what to download. Since
listing the dir doesn't work it fails. get xyz knows what to download and
is thus not affected by that bug.


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