Timeserver Timezone Mismatch -- BUG?

David Rankin drankin at cox-internet.com
Thu Mar 8 19:30:16 GMT 2001

I don't think my original post made it, so here is a repost of my

I am having a terrible time getting the hardware clock, system clock and

the time served to my winXX boxes to jive on my Mandrake 7.2/Samba 2.07
machine. I have my clock file, timezone and localtime links set to
America/Chicago. No matter what I do, if I use UTC for my hwclock, my
system clock on the Linux box is fine, but samba passes system time +6
hours to the windows clients. (Yes I know CST = UTC - 6) I really do not

believe that this is a samba issue.

I have searched in vain through all of the documentation I can find, the

alt.os.linux.mandrake list, the comp.protocal.time.ntp lists and from
what I can tell, this is a PROBLEM, but everyone seems to give up before

getting to the bottom of it. The only reference I found that seemed like

new information was at industrial linux where there was a reference to
adding /etc/profile "export TZ=CST6CDT" (This aint in my /etc/profile
and I can't find any solid documentation that tells me it needs to be

I have installed xntp3-5_93-8mdk_i586.rpm, and would like to use xntpd
with my hwclock set to UTC, but the only way I can get samba to pass the

correct time is to set hwclock and sysclock to localtime, set UTC=true
in the clock file and set no link between local time and any
usr/share/zoneinfo files.

If I set all config files the way they should be set, hwclock to UTC,
clock [UTC=true, zone = America/Chicago], timezone [America/Chicago],
localtime [ln to /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Chicago], the Linux box
hwclock shows UTC (like it should), system clock shows current time +6
hours (not right) and Samba passes current time +12 hours to the WinXX
clients (double not right)? (Something is definantly rotten in Denmark -

no offense)

I plan on making a table with all of the various setting and their
effects on the time samba passes to its clients. But before I do, I
would certainly like to know if someone else has had this problem and
whether this problem/question has been answered before.

Let me know what you sysadmin gurus think...

David Rankin
Nacogdoches, Texas
drankin at cox-internet.com

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