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Peter de Groot pdgtech at kalnet.com.au
Thu Mar 8 18:37:22 GMT 2001

Be nice to have a "real time" sniffer program that gives me a handle
on what the browse lists and lookups are doing.

nmblookup sort of does it ............. but I would like
to be able to see the browse list synchronising/requests.. 
what the wins server is doing... the browse list/name lookups/election 
requests coming in from the windows clients.. also the PDC and BDC traffic.  

The traffic coming in from other subnets.

Watch the broadcast traffic for domain master etc etc

Would also be nice to see the name lookups ...
DNS vs and WINS to try and get a bit of a feel on
how it all hangs together.

Be nice to have this running when starting the samba server(s),
booting a PC .. running down subnet sync problems etc etc

Very often I used to get a rogue PC(s) that used to do their
own thing.. DNS/wins server settings etc .. and this would be useful to find them.



Gerald Carter wrote:
> On Wed, 07 Mar 2001 13:16:42 Peter de Groot wrote:
> >
> > Has anybody thanked you recently for providing so much help
> > on this list ??
> >
> > Notice the suck up for a windows browsing sniffer program :-P
> Hmmm...well you certainly were nice enough :-)  What exactly
> are you looking for in a "windows browsing sniffer program"?
> Cheers, jerry
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