Configure client with no Win server.

Kathleen P. Le (CAA) kle at
Thu Mar 8 15:04:57 GMT 2001


    Could someone please tell me how to configure for this case.
    After going through all types of documentation, I think my case is 
    either too simple or impossible that's why it's nowhere mentioned.
    I would appreciate very much if someone could point me to the right

    I have two laptops one running Linux and is a Samba server.  One is 
    running Windows 98 and is configured successfully to use shared direc-
    tories of the Samba server.  That is when both laptops are connected 
    to the LAN and I logged on the Windows machine thru a NT domain controller
    (or server, whatever, I don't know much about Windows world).  Now,
    I sometimes go on travel and needs to have the same file access
    capability between the two laptops thru Samba.  The laptops will be
    linked by ethernet cards thru a mini-hub.  But when I try to map the
    drives on the Windows laptop, I got the message which says I must firt
    logon.  My questions are:
    - Can I avoid loggin on?
    - How do I get the Samba server to be also a logon server, since it
    also store the passwords.
    - What is the right way to do it if my above questions are not valid?

    Thank you ahead VM,

    Kathy Le
    Computer Scientist
    Center for Army Analysis
    Ft. Belvoir, VA

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