Sambady help me Samba !!

Ashwin Pai ashpai at
Thu Mar 8 15:37:47 GMT 2001

Hi guys , 

samba newbie here ! 

I have worked hard at trying to get samba run .. but heck!.. it doesn't ! 

I can see the linux server in my network neighbourhood .. 
on clicking on it .. I get the user/password box. I entered the user(xyz)
password(abc) , and it says ... "account is not authorised to login from this

I have added user 'xyz' using the smbadduser and set the password as (abc). 

Ahh .. I had logged in as 'pqr' on this nt box that the problem ?? I
need to relogin as xyz ?? .. let me see .. changing login to xyz .. hang on ..

.. okay I treid that as well ..doesnt work ! 

where am I going wrong ? I'm sure its something very simple ! samba config
can't be this difficult .. 

can somebody send me a copy of a working smb.conf and maybe if possible a
detailed list of todo's in order to get the samba working .. please? 

thanks for your time 

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