Sharing Printers using CUPS

James Finnall james at
Thu Mar 8 04:59:44 GMT 2001


I recently upgraded my system to Mandrake 7.2 from 7.1.  The new install 
defaulted to a new printing system called CUPS. (Common Unix Printing System) 
 The systems appears to work fine for driving local and remote printers from 
the KDE desktop, but it is not BSD based and they have stripped the printcap 
file.  This system appears to disable the printer shares under Samba.  I can 
get the Samba print shares to function by bringing over the older lp* files 
and recreating the printcap.  But now the KDE desktop does not print properly 
or not at all.  It does not appear to be a way to make them coexist.  My 
Samba version is 2.0.7 and it does not appear to support the CUPS system.  My 
only resolution at this time appears to be; for me to move the printers off 
to a different machine not running CUPS.  Does the newer 2.2 version support 
CUPS?  It may be also that my current Samba config needs to be changed to use 
new system calls for CUPS, instead of lpr.  But I have not been able to 
locate any information regarding the print commands to know what to change.

If this is the wrong mailbox for this inquiry, please forward as desired or a 
simple reply with the correct address would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and attention.
James Finnall
james at

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