Mounting 98/98SE shares causes lock/reboots

Curt Coulter curt at
Thu Mar 8 04:04:39 GMT 2001

Hello all,

I have a RedHat 7.0.91 box (wolverine beta) with samba 2.0.7 installed.  I
have a tcp/ip network with a bunch of machines on it.  I can mount shares on
win2k boxes and they work fine.  When I mount shares on 98 or 98SE boxes
they mount, but are flaky, cannot copy files 'file doesn't exist', I get
MSTCP blue screens on the 98 boxes, spontaneous reboots on the 98 boxes
and/or the linux box if I keep trying.

I can browse TO the linux box from the 98 boxes and win2k box, and copy
to/from just fine, no problems.  It's just the smb mounts to 98/98se from
linux that are completely hosed.


Thanks in advance,
curt at

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