Saikrishnan Krishnamurthy sk5 at mars.iol.unh.edu
Wed Mar 7 21:24:32 GMT 2001


    I want to access files transaparently (as windows network does
through the network neighbourhood.) that are hosted by a Linux file
server - "A" with Samba installed in it.
    I have the client machine, that has both Windows -ME and Redhat
Linux 7.0 installed in it. Iam able to access the Linux file server "A"
through the windows in my machine (My network places).  I would like to
do the same thing transparently through the linux in my machine too.

    1)  How do I access the files in that Linux file server "A"??. (If I
have an account in the Linux file server - "A", I could ftp the required
files, but since I don't have one, I cannot do that.)

    2) Do I need to use Samba to access the files in file server "A" ??.
If so, how ??.

     I would be glad if anyone could help me with this.



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