NT4 and Win2k clients with Samba 2.0.7 and Solaris 7/NIS

TJ Boyle thomas.boyle at openwave.com
Wed Mar 7 09:20:29 GMT 2001

Our NT clients have a problem authenticating with the samba resources at
logon time, the problem being that it does not automatically reconnect
at logon but instead asks you for your password (only the password) for
each of the shares you have set to reconnect at logon.

I read in the man pages that security = share sometimes tries to
authenticate with no password and that setting security = user doesn't
do this so I tried that and restarted my test machine here but still the
same problem.

Does NT do something differently between Manually mapping a network
drive and mapping it automatically at login time? I doubt anyone will be
able to help (not being negative!) but I searched all night last night,
found very little in the way of a solution so sorry for posting here
openinly like this, just thought someone might be able to help :)


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