w2k "Reconnect at Logon" option

TJ Boyle thomas.boyle at openwave.com
Wed Mar 7 06:46:42 GMT 2001


The problem I am getting is with the 2000 and  NT machines, Once I have
logged in I can map a network drive without a problem, but, if I select
the option "Reconnect at logon" and reboot the machine, after I enter my
username and password it then asks me the username and password for each
mapped network drive I have set-up for reconnect at logon. 9X clients
authenticate fine both at logon time and logged in time.

Does Win2k/NT have a different procedure for mapping network drives at
logon time from when you are actually logged in, I read somewhere it may
be passing the username with no password, because the security =share
option is set. I think setting security=user may fix this. I would just
like to get some advice from people that may have come accross this

 I'm sure it's a simple resolution but I cannot find a solution on the
webpage, IRC or the man pages. Can anyone help?


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