Printing and Sharing

Urban Widmark urban at
Tue Mar 6 21:20:49 GMT 2001

On Tue, 6 Mar 2001, Nestler, David J. wrote:

> [root at localhost /]# smbmount //jdph5/i$ <file://jdph5/i$>  /mnt/smb -o
> username=dnestler
> Password:
> tree connect failed: ERRDOS - ERRnosuchshare (You specified an invalid share
> name)
> SMB connection failed

[ Could you please fix your mailer not to translate // into file:// ...
  Failing that, why not report it as a bug to the vendor? Or use something
  that works. I assume that the jdph5 bit should only be listed once? ]

Since smbclient works, could you post the commandline you use for that?

I do lots of smbmount '//jdph5/i$' ... mounts, but I don't think the ' are
really necessary. Doesn't hurt to try.

> Now I know that the share on jdph5 is correct, because I can browse it using
> smbclient.  So I'm wondering if I'm using the wrong command, or if I need to
> make /mnt/smb a shared filespace, if so how do I do that?

What is a shared filespace? /mnt/smb needs to exist, that is all.

> Also wondering about printers....I've got all the access rights and so
> forth, but I need to mount some printers...and I'm little more then confused
> on how to do this.  Any help on either of these two issues is much
> appreciated

You don't mount printers ... well, most people don't.

You can configure your lpd to print to a remote smb printer (I assume the
printer is connected to some smb server?) I assume most linux
distributions have some tool to configure printing. I have only done this 
on RH which uses the printtool command and then print filters use 
smbclient to do the printing (file transmission).


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