Samba, quotas and disk capacity?

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Hi Bernd,
There have been a lot of improvements in Samba since 2.0.5; I know
that the 2.0.7 version is supposed to support unix HFS and VxFS quotas.
Also the "with-quotas" option must be turned on at compile time, so perhaps
your 2.0.5 version was not compiled "with-quotas"...
I tested quotas and the HP 2.0.7 version here and it works the way that Dirk
you will get the 'bytes free' that indicates the amount of space left before
quotas size is exausted.

Turns out that you can get (no charge) the 2.0.7 version built 
specifically for HP-UX 11.0 from the following HP web site:

Just click on the product marked CIFS/9000 Server (Samba).
There's also a free product called CIFS/9000 Client which gives you similar 
functionality to the smbfs stuff for linux; ie ability to mount/umount
shares to Unix mountpoints.
If you are on subscription services with HP, this version will also be on
March Application CD rom set that you receive as a part of that support

Hope this helps,
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We have Samba 2.0.5 on HP-UX 11.00 with a 100 Gig partition
and quotas. 

When I use a NT4 or NT5 client and show the disk capacity of the
mounted Samba share the disk capacity of the whole disk is
reported (100 Gig and not just 300 MB of the quota). 

Is there a way that Samba reports the current quota of the mounted 
Samba share? The option 

  max disk size = <megabytes>

is not appropriate because the users have different quota limits.
Thanks in advance.

Bernd Nies

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