Update-Problem from 2.0.4 to 2.0.7

Matthias Eichler me at ame.de
Tue Mar 6 10:49:20 GMT 2001

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Dear Samba-Team,

we have a Samba-Fileserver 2.0.4 since May 2000 which had never a 
A bug in Macromedia Flash (if somebody was saving a file his process 
hangs up and cannot be killed...) forced us to update to 2.0.7 as I 
could see that it is stable right now.

We updated with the same configure-command, copied the old smb.conf,
but now we have a problem.
This one server holds two drives, which we map during NETLOGON.
In the netlogon.bat the new 2.0.7 server asks for a password, but just 
for ONE of both drives.
But when I just enter "ENTER" it does work!!!
BTW: The security mode is "domain"...
(Weird world, isn't it...)

Now I turned the security mode to "server" and it is working without 
prompting for a password...

I read all your docs on this and I think it should be other way round, 
shouldn't it?!?

Would be great, if somebody could help us on this...

Greetings from Munich,

Matthias Eichler

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