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GL Fournerat gary at
Tue Mar 6 08:05:53 GMT 2001

Hello Carl:

I don't have any answers for you.. simply because you are further
ahead in the Samba game than I am (yet to get Swat up and running,
much less smbclient).. and I've been working on this almost non-stop
for close to a week now.

But I can say this.. I've been working on/with computers for 15 years
now, and you would never guess where I've been the most successful at
fixing problems on them.... in the shower!

Seems that once I pull away from it all, get my mind completely off
computers for a while, I can come back to them and see things in a
different light.. even re-reading the same old documents suddenly
shows me something I had not seen (or thought of) before.

Know also that you might need to call your Linux distribution (Red
Hat, Mandrake, etc.) supplier to get the kind of immediate support
you're wanting.  While this mailing list is certainly worth the
effort, it can be slow in responding... but your posts _are_ being
read.. any by people that have been where you are now.. just like

Gary Fournerat

Carl Fox wrote:

> Would you please tell me where to get help.  I'm not the ordinary
> person who will ask for it and bother you just because it isn't
> convenient to learn from your docs.
> I CANNOT use Samba because it fails to let me into my Linux
> server which is running it from my Windows98 network neighborhood
> icon.  It keeps requiring a password.
> I keep doing what all the docs say to change the password.  I am
> root on the Linux machine, but Samba refuses IN EVERY CASE to
> allow me to add or chnge passwords.  I can run smbclient -L
> localhost with no problem.  I enter the asked for password with
> no problem
> Would you PLEASE tell me where to get help. And I mean immediate
> where I can pay for an answer over the phone.
> I can't tell you how pissed off I am!!!
> Carl Fox

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