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Jean-Eric Cuendet Jean-Eric.Cuendet at
Tue Mar 6 07:42:59 GMT 2001

I tried that last week and it worked fine after a while.
The alpha2 snapshot didn't worked for me but the CVS version was OK.
The configure script of alpha2 didn't recognized my setup and said that LFS
was not available which was not right.
CVS snapshot solved the problem

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> Subject: Files >2GB
> How do I compile samba with  >2GB support? I am running Linux 
> 2.4.2. I 
> know that my Linux machine works with large files, I have a 
> 4GB tarball 
> on my machine. What I am trying to do is get our mainframe to pass 
> 6-20GB files to my samba box so I can compress them. I have 
> downloaded 
> samba 2.0.7 and 2.2.0 alpha2 I just need someone to tell me where to 
> start to get this to work. My company paid someone to write a program 
> that would pass files from the mainframe to windows, using 
> unc paths, I 
> just thought I would get it to work with samba.
> Thanx in advance
> Have a nice day :-)
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