Time Server Giving Incorrect Time?

David Rankin drankin at cox-internet.com
Tue Mar 6 03:20:26 GMT 2001

Hello all!

I configured samba as a time server and created login scripts for each
of my users to update their system time at logon. Everything worked
great! Then I decided it would be great to syncronize the server time
with an ntp server so the server would always have an accurate clock. I
installed "xntp3-5_93-8mdk_i586.rpm" on my Mandrake 7.2/Samba 2.07 box
and updated the system time with xntp.

The Linux box reflects the correct time. However, now when my users
logon, the time they receive from the server is 6 hours ahead of the
time shown on the server. I am in the central standard time zone, and
YES I know central standard time = UTC (universal coordinated time) - 6

Here is the problem, when I configure the time zone on my Linux Box to
CST (central standard time) and do an ntp update all users get CST + 6
hours (or UTC) passed to their machines. The server shows the correct
time, but won't pass it to the clients.

Here is where it gets weird. If I change my timezone setting on the
Linux Box to UTC, (before doing an ntp update) then my users get the
proper time passed to their machines. However, if I do an ntp update
with my timezone set to UTC, my Linux box shows UTC and my windows users
get UTC - 12 hours.  I have looked at the /etc/sysconfig/clock file and
it contains the following:


My Linux box is currently set to GMT time so I suspect this is a
problem. I can't find documentation on the clock file anywhere to know
what these config options do.

I confirmed the Linux box setting by looking into the /etc/timezone file
and I found the following:

Europe/London  (which is GMT or UTC - same thing)

I don't think this is good so I need Help in getting my system to
display and serve the same time. If anyone knows how the time server
chooses the time it serves clients or where there is any information I
can read on the different clock and timezone file settings, I would be
greatly appreciative. It just doesn't seem right to have my box set to
GMT just to get the time server to give out the right time.

David Rankin
Nacogdoches, Texas
drankin at cox-internet.com

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