subnet mask, gateway problem?

Randy Kee rkee at
Mon Mar 5 19:17:34 GMT 2001

Hello All,
As you will inevitably discover I am new to Linux, not to mention Network
Admin, but enjoying the ride.
I've added a Redhat 6.2 server to our NT 4.0 domain.
I've got SAMBA installed configured etc..
Our block of IP addresses goes from 
x.x.x.129  to x.x.x.253 
subnet mask is
Our gateway is x.xx.190 
***********(at one time .190 was the lowest number in our block of IP's, we
recieved another lower block of IP's since, therefore, the gateway of .190
is no longer the lowest IP)
There are 2 funky things happening:
(a) When the Samba Server is configured to 
IP = x.x.x.152 
SM = 
gw = x.x.x.190
then clients/workstations with only IPs lower than x.x.x.159 can see/access
SAMBA through Network Neighborhood BUT I cannot access the internet from the
Linux box
(b)When the SAMBA server is configured to
IP = x.x.x.152
SM =
gw = x.x.x.190
I can access the internet BUT the clients/workstations cannot see SAMBA in
Network Neighborhood. 
Is this attributed to the gateway not being the lowest IP? I don't know the
rules for assigning a gateway number to a Lan.
Any suggestions or constructive flack appreciated.

Randy Kee 
Enterprise Centre of Hants County 
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