not in network neighbourhood

Anthony Ewell aewell at
Mon Mar 5 18:04:19 GMT 2001

Hi Dave,

  1) make sure you have your "guest account" configured
in smb.conf.   Such as,

    guest account = pcguest

2) make sure you have set up an SMB and UNIX account for
your guest account

3) make sure your clients are in the same workgroup as
the samba server (check smb.conf's "workgroup" entry
and your Windows networking identification entries)

4)  check your error logs for the client that tried to browse.  It
will show you who tried to log on and crashed.  For error
logging, insert the following in your smb.conf (customize to taste):

      log file = /var/log/samba-log.%m
      max log size = 50   ; size in Kb

This should fix it.  Happy hunting,
aewell at

Dave Comeau wrote:

> Hi, I setup samba according to the Howto and I'm not sure but I 
> can't find my samba box in netowrk neighbourhood. If I run 
> \\(samba IP address) I get it fine. It just doesn't show up in the 
> nethood. Any ideas?
> BTW, I'm using win95 and linux RH6.1
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