Yet another lmhosts question

Michael Blinn mblinn at
Mon Mar 5 14:43:21 GMT 2001

 Is there a format for specifying which domain an entry in lmhosts is a
member of?

cvserver:/usr/local/samba/var/locks# more browse.dat
"CVILLE"                  c0001000 "CVSERVER"                    "CVILLE"
"CVSERVER"                400d9b0b "Charlottesville LAN"         "CVILLE"
"KELLI"                   40412203 "Systemax 200MHz MMX"         "CVILLE"
"MAIL"                    40009b03 "Staunton LAN"                "CVILLE"
"MAIN"                    80001000 "MAIL"                        "MAIN"

"Mail" should be a member of domain MAIN not CVILLE, as it is the pdc for

..though I did just notice that not all of my entries in lmhosts show up in
browse.dat. How does this all fit together?? Perhaps the browse.dat file was
written with information obtained from "remote announce" and "remote browse
sync" and not from lmhosts? My systems (still!) appear to be completely
ignoring the lmhosts file.

-Michael Blinn
 People Places, Inc.

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