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I'm trying to reduce the number of shares on a machine to less than 13
(currently there are 21 printers shared off it - all networked HP's - I
just want to get rid of that infernal JetDirect junk).

It seems that many of our Win95 clients crash regularly when accessing
printers and I read (somewhere) that DOS (under Win95) can't resolve more
than 13 shares properly (many of the machines run a DOS-based app under

This I have proven:
     net view \\samba
returns the typically useful error: "Error:There is more information

Manually specifying the share name to use fixes it - but machines still
crash regularly when attempting to print anything (even Windows apps).

I'm attempting to share the printers across two IP addresses and use the
-s option to smbd to limit access to the shares via either one IP address
or the other.  But there is no go.  Whichever one I run first gets the
shares and the second one to run disappears without ever binding to the

I would use two ethernet cards, but they're out of switch ports as it

Other info:
Samba version 2.0.6 on FreeBSD version 4.0-20000516-STABLE

smb.conf.1 and smb.conf.2 have interfaces set correctly (I believe) and
'bind interfaces only = yes'

    interface =

    interface =

        inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
        inet netmask 0xffffffff broadcast

I have read (from mining the archives) that the second one will fail due
to the broadcast address - is this what is causing my problem and if so,
is it possible to work around (this will be the same even if I put two
ethernet cards in, unless I rearrange half the entire network to change
the network addresses).



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