Configuring Samba

Rod Jenkins RodJ at
Thu Mar 1 22:56:42 GMT 2001

I am attempting to connect through network neighborhood.  I got the
connectivity issue resolved by adding the server to lmhosts.  I don't think
I should have had to do that.

Now the problem is, a pop up saying incorrect password or unknown username
It prompts me for a login.  I give a valid login and I get this account is
not authorize to login from this station.


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Access denied suggests that you either havent set the 'hosts allow' setting
in the SMB.CONF file or you are trying to login with a user who genuinly
doesnt have either access rights or a valid username/password.

Network path not found however suggests the share name you are trying to
access doesnt exists. However you dont mention how you try and connect
(through network neighbourhood or via UNC in the run box or command prompt).
Again the 'hosts allow' setting mentioned above may have something to do
with this.

It woupld be helpful if you could provide more info on your setup and how
you are trying to connect though


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I am still having some troubles getting samba to work.

I have installed samba and it seems to be fine from the server point of
view.  However, my client can see the server in the Network neighborhood,
but I get network path not found.

The server and the client are on different sub-nets.

Both the client and the server are using DNS to resolve names.  Both are
resolvable.  They use FTP between the 2 just fine.
I have other clients that, when they attempt to use the server, get access
denied from this station.

The main reason for using Samba is for the client that cannot get to the

Any advice would be helpful.


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