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On Thu, 01 Mar 2001 03:53:59 Lech Pankowski wrote:
> Hallo,

Hallo :-)

> Maybe someone would be able to tell me where in 
> the Internet can be found a fairly detailed 
> description:
>                 HOW DOES SAMBA WORK ???

Why do you yell ?

> 1.What happens step by step when I issue "smb start" 
> on my Linux host?

This is a standard SystemV style init script.  Check 
out documentation for your system concerning run 
levels and init scripts.

> 2.What when I browse "Network Neighbourhood" on a 
> Windows PC (of course with Samba running on a Linux 
> host in the same LAN)?

This is more complicated.  You'll want the protocol browsing
suggestions^H^H^H^Hspecifications :-)  See

for some related links

> 3.What if I try to connect Windows shares (smbmount)?

Either read the smbmount man pages, locate one of the 
many Samba books, or read the source code.  What is it 
that you want to know.

> 4.How can the above procedures be checked (suppose 
> sth. doesn't work)?

See DIAGNOSIS.txt or UNIX_INSTALL.txt included with 
the samba source.

> P. S. How to contact Andrew Tridgell from Samba 
> Development Team (e-mail)?

See for more information
about Samba Team members.

If you will provide more specific questions, we will gladly 
supply more specific answers.

Cheers, jerry
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