Printing from Windows 2000 to Linux

Joachim Feise jfeise at
Thu Mar 1 15:47:01 GMT 2001

Stephen Foley wrote:
> I keep getting this error when I attempt to print from Windows 2000 to my printer attached to my Linux Server.
> "Test page failed to print. Would you like to view the print trouble shooter for assistance? Unable to create a print
> job."

Which version of Samba?
I ran into the same problem with 2.2.0-alpha2, and traced it back to a change in the
printer installation procedure.
If you are using 2.2.0, make sure that the printer is connected to a local port called
'Samba Printer Port'. You may need to reinstall the printer. Make sure you set the
'Printer Driver' line in your smb.conf so that W2K knowns which printer driver to


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