Printing from Windows 2000 to Linux

Stephen Foley stephenf at
Thu Mar 1 12:38:15 GMT 2001

I keep getting this error when I attempt to print from Windows 2000 to my 
printer attached to my Linux Server.

"Test page failed to print. Would you like to view the print trouble 
shooter for assistance? Unable to create a print job."

If I attempt to use the command net use lpt1:\\server\printer/ persistent, 
where server is the computer name of the server and printer is the share 
name of the printer. I get a system error 67, the network name cannot be found.

However I can establish a basic network connection by start / run and 
typing in \\server. This opens and displays the names of the shares 
available including my printer (lp).

I can also print to my printer from the Linux server.

I would be grateful for any help


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