smbpasswd problem

Witness bmeyer67 at
Thu Mar 1 00:34:36 GMT 2001

> I have sort of a similar problem...  In my case, it was the
> "case" problem.
> debugging mode?  Try the debugging mode and look at the log files.

No it had the usernames correct. I did find a fix to the problem, but
I'm not sure why.
I ended up just going into SWAT and using the password option there to
add the users.

It's working now and I can login, but things are readonly for some
Files have been "chmod"ed, and the smb.conf seems to be right, at least
from SWAT.

Also, is there any way to do browsing between networks without using the
"nbfw" add-on to 2.0.7?
I don't care if I upgrade to 2.2alpha2, though I have to fix the
readonly issue first. I have two networks 10.*.*.* and 192.168.*.* (the
192.168.*.* being hidden behind a firewall from the 10.*.*.*) and want
to view systems on the 10.*.*.* network.


Ben Meyer

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