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Aminul Islam mdaminn at
Thu Jun 7 07:05:24 GMT 2001

Dear Sir/Madam,

I've a small LAN at my office. There are 11 pc here. Description are Given 

Server Name     : Server, O/S : Windown2000 Server
Domain  : Domain

Other pc's name is:                             O/S

PIB 01, PIB 02, ........PIB09           Windows'98
And the last pc I've install RedHat Linux 6.2

I can ping the Linux pc and the Linux pc can ping the 98 pcs
There is a printer HP 4050 is attached with the pc PIB02 (O/S is Windows'98)

My question is :

1. How I can access the Linux pc from the 98 pcs ?
2. I want to print from the Linux pc to the printer hp 4050, which is 
attached with the 98 pc.
3. I want to save my data to the Linux pc which will inputted form the 98pcs
4. I want to setup a mail server using the Linux pc for the local user who 
can send and receive their mail using Eudora or outlook express.
5. I need a picture oriented help documentation file.

Thank you

Aminul Islam
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