Disappearing files

Marc Jacobsen Marc_Jacobsen at hp.com
Wed Jan 31 23:02:10 GMT 2001


Could it be that the file in question has an extension of .dll, .sys, .vxd, .386
, .drv or .pnf?  By default explorer (at least in Windows NT 4.0) is configured
to hide files with these extensions.  You can configure explorer to show files
with these extensions, maybe that is all you need to do.

Marc Jacobsen

Stan York wrote:
> I have created a samba server to share Solaris files with NT4 and
> Win2000 workstations. In early testing it has worked ok. Today a user
> created a file in a Unix directory while he was on an NT4 box.
> That file is now not visible to the Windows environment through
> explorer. It is visible on the Unix side and has similar permissions
> to other files which are visible both places. The file is visible
> using dos and mapping a drive and using the DIR command.
> What has happened?

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