error fo smbd and nmbd- Samba Server

Vikas Jolly vikas at
Wed Jan 31 13:37:09 GMT 2001

I get this error on debian 2.2 

[2000/12/14 18:45:17, 0] 
  process_name_refresh_request: unicast name registration request 
received for name GROUP2<00> from IP on subnet 
[2000/12/14 18:45:17, 0] 
  Error - should be sent to WINS server
[2000/12/14 18:45:17, 0] 

I have the following 2 queries :

1)Any idea how to get rid of this ?

2) How to get my Debian Server in the networkneighbourhood of my
WindowsNT, so that i can just click the folders on debian and enjoy.


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