browsing problems (to be continued...)

Arne Kaiser kaiser at
Wed Jan 31 10:04:26 GMT 2001

Hi all, Hi Alin
after my last mail you asked to describe the settings of my network more
precisely, a bit late but now I will try to do that.
The problem is that the samba server doesnt get the master browser with
the following brrwsing options and I think that this causes the
unreliable browsing within the workgroup.

local master = yes
preferred master = yes
domain master = yes
os level = 64

With nmblookup -M - -T  I see that allways one of the win98 clients is
the master browser.

Now the more complicated part. My workgroup is a part of big network
with a DNS and DHCP server. The IP adress is provided from a central DNS
server. If I execute nmblookup '*' -T I see that samba resolved the name
of the clients with their DNS names and these are different from their
netbios name. I added a lmhosts file (on client and server side) but
this doesnt change anything.
winipcfg showed that the clients use dns to resolve netbios names, i
changed the registry, but that had no influence of the output of
nmblookup. I noticed that another samba server in the network acts as
wins server, so i add this adress to my server (without wins support)
and setup the clients to use this wins server, with no succes. After
this i changed the name resolve order (more ore less in the try and
error style, but so far I achieved more errors).
Any suggestions what I can can try to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance


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