Fw: Multi user access to 1 data file

dkwok dkwok at iware.com.au
Wed Jan 31 10:14:19 GMT 2001

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From: dkwok <dkwok at iware.com.au>
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Date: Sunday, January 28, 2001 2:08 PM
Subject: Multi user access to 1 data file

>I have posted before on this issue.
>Thank you for some reply I 've got so far.
>However it does not seem to solve my problem yet.
>Thank you for Chris on the issue of Win95 client causing data corruption on
>shared data file.
>However, the problem is not only that Win95 corrupted data file. In
>addition, the access time read and write is much slower if the data file is
>put on Samba server compared to a Win98 machine.
>What I have tried so far are:
>oplocks = no
>level2 oplock = no
>ole compatibility = no
>oplocks content limit = 4 (although I am not sure whether this is to do
>the no. of acces client? Could anyone enlighten me on this issue)
>I heard that win98 vredir.vxd has significant improved and will not cause
>any data corruption. However I don't know whether I should still turn off
>the cache
>The main question is why the performance of Win98 as a file server in this
>case much better than Samba. With 2 client sharing a data file. Win98
>a file in 5 seconds compared to 1 min in the case of Samba server.
>Could someone from the Samba Team to comment this? This is probably too
>technical for users!
>I would appreciate any suggestion or any pointers.
>David Kwok

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