error message trying to print to a stand-alone printserver (intel)

il moro pamasci at
Wed Jan 31 07:35:18 GMT 2001


After a connection to the intel machine (which shares 2 parallel ports) with
a smbclient
//printserver/printer1 -P , i try to print for example /etc/printcap with
#smb> print /etc/printcap

and i got this message:

ERRSRV - ERRaccess (The requester does not have  the  necessary  access
rights  within  the specified  context for the requested function. The
context is defined by the TID or the UID.) opening remote file printcap-631

This doesn't happend with an earlier vesion of smbclient (1.9.18p7)

Os: Linux Caldera 2.3 kernel 2.2.17 , samba 2.0.6 (it happend also with the
last 2.0.7).The 2.0.6 comes from a rpm, the 2.0.7 i compiled myself with

There' s a workaround for that ?


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