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Alin Osan aline at
Wed Jan 31 09:41:34 GMT 2001

On 27 Jan 2001, at 10:13, Mitchell Lynn wrote:

> I hope these questions are appropriate for this list, but I am at my
> wits end.
> I have recently set up my first Linux machine running Slackware 7.1
> and configured Samba as a PDC. Unfortunately, I have run into a couple
> of problems for which I can't find answers. Here are the problems.
> 1. My two Windows 98 client connect with no problem. However, when I
> try to share a folder on one of these clients, I get an error (when
> adding users) that the list of users is not available and to try again
> later. Any suggestions on this would be most appreciated.
> 2. Over the past couple of weeks I have spent a great deal of time
> reading through a pair of books on Samba that are online. I have
> followed their suggestions very carefully when it comes to setting up
> shares. However, it seems that I can't access these shares from the 98
> clients unless I use chmod to set permissions on those directories to
> 777. It would appear that I should be able to allow members of a
> group--call it family--to be able to do whatever they want in that
> directory while denying everyone outside of that group access or at
> least deny them the ability to add or change files within those
> directories.
> Thanks in advance,
> Mitch

Send the lines that come after [share]. It can be a lot of causes.

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