Samba on a Linux Server sharing with Windows Clients - Password E rrors

Ian R Collins IanC at
Tue Jan 30 22:47:05 GMT 2001

A Hard Tech Question.

I have an NT domain with 95/98 clients and NT4 Server as PDC & BDC'a

I am installing a Linux box (Corel) and using Samba as bridge between the

I can access the 98 clients from the Linux box but when ever I try to access
the Linux box FROM the Win98 clients or NTServer I get asked for a password
to 'servername"\IPC$

Now I have no idea about what the IPC share is and I don't really care

I can not access any of the drives on this box with out a password. I have
tried all the passwords and logged in with the same password and user name
and I can still not get any access to the Linux box.

Can anyone help??



Ian R. Collins

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