Stubborn Extra-FormFeed Issue from Win clients

Daniel Perez dperez at
Tue Jan 30 21:42:26 GMT 2001

Hi all,

I know this issue comes up somewhat frequently but I have tried all posed
solutions that I could find and none work in my environment.

First the symptom: When any job originates from a Win9x/NT/2000 system that
is processed by the Linux box (RH 7) to a HP4000 printer (connected via
Intel NetPort Express PRO) an extra sheet is fed through. When the job is
handled by the previous NT Print server it goes fine. If the job originates
from the Linux server it prints fine. If the job goes to a Textronics color
laser from anywhere it prints fine.

What I have done:

Ensured that the form feed option is not selected within print tool

Manually placed the :sf: parameter in the /etc/printcap

Changed the driver emulation between different forms of HP LaserJet and

Rem's the lpd_bounce line from printcap

Had printcap filter line point to directprint

Tried to experiment with custom minimal filters but I think I was out of my
depth on that :)

I would very much appreciate any kicks in the right direction. Please email
me any feedback at piersplowman at as this is a rather pressing

Many thanks,


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