Problem with permissions in samba 2.0.7 (umask?)

Leonardo Lagos llagos at
Tue Jan 30 21:07:43 GMT 2001

Dear All,

I've installed samba over linux, and after sucessfully defined some shares, 
I've come accross to a very annoying problem...

I have a share named "prd", where product info is stored there. This share 
is visible to all people at my department, writable, and that's fine...

However, I need that any user be able to modify, create, and even delete 
the files in that share, no matter who was the original user (owner) that 
created that folder or files...

I've modified the /etc/profile script, so now every user has a "umask 002" 
set up when logged on... With this behavior, if my user X telnet to the 
server, and create a file inside the directory of the share, this file will 
be correctly umasked (002) so the file will be "rw-rw-r--"; i.e., 

However, if this same user X creates this very same file, this time from 
Windows (95/98), it will be created with umask=022, instead of 002... 
(permissions will be rw-r--r--).

I've read the docs., and in the smb.conf man page it clearly states:::
Note  that the access rights granted by the server are masked by the access 
rights granted to the specified or guest UNIX user by the host system. The 
server does not grant more access than the host system grants.
What I understood from here, is that samba doesn't do anything with 
permissions, but relies on the unix... well, my unix working fine, but 
samba doesn't....

BTW, my share definition is:.

    comment = Informacion de Productos AMR
    path = /home/prd
    read only = no
    public = yes

Anything I've done wrong?

Thanks a lot,


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