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Tue Jan 30 19:57:37 GMT 2001

Hi Folks,

Is it possible to use Samba with Lantastic network software?  All 20+ 
Win95/Win98 computers have TCP/IP and Lantastic NetBios protocols 
running.   What I need to be able to do is have the Linux AMANDA backup 
server connect to all the Windows hosts for backup purposes.  It would also 
be nice if the Linux host could share printers and files with the Windows 

In testing I am able to connect the Linux Samba server with a Windows box 
running TCP/IP and  NetBeui protocol.  So my question is do I have to scrap 
Lantastic network and use  TCP/IP and NetBeui in order to use SAMBA?  I 
have been told that Windows peer to peer is not very viable with more than 
10 hosts is this fact or fiction?



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